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Nazarbayev proposed to create common mechanisms on food products manufacture on CICMA line

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Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to develop common mechanisms on food products manufacture on CICMA line, kaztag reports.

"One of the hottest issues is food security. Today 60% of starving people live on the Asian continent. In order to overcome this problem we need complex measures of all the states of the region including development of concrete mechanisms on CICMA line connected with food production," he said.

He added "creation of affordable and braided transport communications is significant".

"Revival of the Great Silk Way creates a good basis for that. Connecting Asian states and Europe it will become the biggest transport system in the world. The idea of creation of Silk Way infrastructural fund proposed by Xi Jinping, Chinese leader, is very significant," he added.

"Next year Kazakhstan is launching a motorway Western Europe-Western China which will twice reduce the terms of goods delivery from Asia to Europe," he added.

May 25 2014, 22:47

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