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Fire in the College Hostel

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On November 1, fire broke out at the hostel building of the College named after K. Dutbaeva located in the city district of Avangard, in micro region 4, block 4B.

The call was received by the dispatcher at 23:24 hrs, said Zhanar KARZHAUBAEVA, press secretary of firefighting service of Atyrau Emergency Service Department.

The rescuers arrived to the scene in 8 minutes. The fire was localized at 23:57 and completely put out at 00:11.

40 people, including 4 children were evacuated. Fortunately, no victims were reported. 4 fire fighting trucks, an autoladder and 15 fire fighters were engaged in fire elimination and rescuing people. Emergency brigades of Atyrau-Zharyk, OblTansGas and police officers were also involved in the fire fighting operations.


November 2 2012, 18:45

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