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“Kazakh President proposes to relocate hqs of Silk Road project to Almaty” , “GM recalls another 2.6mln vehicles”, “Many processed foods are heavily dyed”, “China warns over military alliances”, “Mexico seeks to launch its Embassy in Kazakhstan in 2015”

993 просмотрs “Many processed foods are heavily dyed: study” - Some cereals, candies and cakes contain much more artificial coloring than parents probably expect, according to a new study. In the U.S., food and beverage companies disclose artificial coloring on labels, but do not disclose specific amounts.

“GM recalls another 2.6 million vehicles, doubles second-quarter charge” - General Motors Co said on Tuesday it is recalling another 2.6 million vehicles globally, raising the number of vehicles it has recalled so far this year to almost 15.4 million.The four recalls are the latest announced by the largest U.S. automaker, the highest profile of which is the recall of cars with defective ignition switches linked to at least 13 deaths. GM has been criticized by safety advocates and fined by U.S. safety regulators for not catching the faulty switch earlier.

“China warns over military alliances” -  Chinese President Xi Jinping appeared to warn some Asian nations on Wednesday about strengthening military alliances to counter China, saying this would not benefit regional security. “Kazakh President proposes to relocate headquarters of Silk Road project to Almaty” - President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to relocate headquarters of the Silk Road project to Almaty during the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in Shanghai on May 21, the Kazinform reported. “Mexico seeks to launch its Embassy in Kazakhstan in 2015” - Mexico plans to open itsEmbassy in Kazakhstan in 2015, the press service of the Committee of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan reported on May 21.

"Kazakhstan needs to be open to new directions and investments - Kazakh PM" - Kazakhstan needs to be open to new directions and new investments, said Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov during the V International Investment Forum AstanaInvest-2014 held within the Astana Economic Forum today. “Kazakhstan says to have similar thoughts on Caspian Sea with Iran” - Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev has said that Iran and Kazakhstan have similar viewpoints towards the legal status of Caspian Sea. "Differences on the issue should be resolved through dialogue within the legal and expertise framework among the littoral states," Nazarbayev said, Iran's IRIB news agency reported on May 21.

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