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Naked toddler found walking alone in the street at 1:00am (Video)

May 20 2014, 10:18

Photo: tvk-uko.kzvPhoto: tvk-uko.kzvA naked little boy (approx. 3-4-year-old) was found walking down Baidibek Bi street in  Shymkent near Izumi trade centre, azh,kz reports citing regional TV channel TVK-UKO.

According to the police, they found an absolutely naked child walking alone in the street at night. He couldn’t answer the questions that policed asked him. It seemed that the little boy was wandering in the street looking for his house for quite a while and was hungry. After giving him an apple to stay his stomach, the police took the boy to Al-Farabi police station.

A few days later little “Maugli's” mother at last appeared in the police station.

The child was taken to his house.

What kind of measures will be taken in relation to toddler’s mother have not been announced yet.

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