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Opposition wants Kazakhstan to quit Customs Union

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Members of opposition parties and NGOs of Kazakhstan, that promote national referendum to quit Customs Union, have introduced changes and additions to the agenda, according to Mukhtar TAIZHAN, a famous public figure.

In particular, it was decided to change the referendum's first question "No to Kazakhstan in Eurasian Union?" to "No to Kazakhstan in Customs Union and Common Economic Space?."

- Besides, we will add the question - "Do you support the ban to build an international nuclear fuel bank and nuclear power plants in Kazakhstan?" says Taizhan.

He emphasized that the issue of electivity of akims in the country, as well as the issues of reconsidering privatization outcomes are still in the agenda.

At the moment, akims are appointed by the president of Kazakhstan.

- We will travel to regions and meet people to hear their opinion. Within the first ten days of December we will hold big meeting, as required by the law on referendums. It means we have to gather at least 30 people from each region in order to adopt a final decision, agenda and relevant documents in line with the laws, said Bulat ABILOV, another oppositionist.  

For National Referendum initiators include Bulat Abilov, members of Azat presidium Marzhan ASPANDIYAROVA and Nikolai KREMENISH, Secretary General of the party Amirzhan KOSSANOV, member of coordination council of unregistered Alga party Mikhail SIZOV, head of public fund Ar.Rukh.Khak Bakhytzhan TUREGOZHINA, president of Aman-Saulyk public foundation Bakhyt TUMENOVA, public figures Mukhtar SHAKHANOV and Mukhtar TAIZHAN and others.  

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