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Three kids drowned in Ural River in one day

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By Murat Sultangaliyev

On May 16, three children drowned in Ural River within one hour and a half period of time.

According to Rinata Aibekova, the duty diver-rescuer, the first phone call came at 18:40hrs from Zhoumysker. In the area, so called, “ships’ cemetery”, 15-y.o. boy drowned while swimming. His friends showed to the divers the spot where it happened. The body was recovered after one hour.

At 20:10hrs another phone call came from the nearby settlement of MMS. Two boys aged 14 drowned while swimming. At 21:05hrs their bodies were recovered from the river.

According to divers, these tragedies happened because of the strong river current due to continuing high water season. 

May 18 2014, 19:37

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