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Museum with unique exhibits

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

Yuri PastoukhovYuri PastoukhovOn May 14 the paleontological museum in Zhilgorodok opened its doors after reconstruction.

Remains of dinosaurs, teeth of a prehistoric sharks, belemnites, fossils with traces of butterflies that are over 100 million years old – all these are not the complete list of exhibits of unique items collected during 30 years by Yuri Pastoukhov, the founder of the museum, the regional specialist-paleontologist.

On annual basis Pastoukhov organizes expeditions to cretaceous mountains, involving also children into this difficult researches of Mesozoic heritage. In response to his persistence the white mountains slowly reveal from their depths the fossilized inhabitants of the sea that once was washing the shores of present Atyrau and Aktobe.

- There is a lot of work for the paleontologists in our region, -says Yuri Aleksandrovich.

Museum exhibits, collected by Y. PastoukhovMuseum exhibits, collected by Y. Pastoukhov- These items are only a small fraction of what is actually stored there,” says Pastoukhov, taking a look at museum exhibits. The age of the plateau is about hundred millions years.

The walls of the upgraded museum are decorated with Yuri Pastoukhov’s photos. Photos that give praise to the beauty of favourite Aktologai and Akkogershin mountains.

May 16 2014, 11:46

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