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Ex-Governor's brother-in-law arrested in Geneva

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Rustem AlbakassovRustem AlbakassovAk Zhaik newspaper has learned from its own sources that Kazakh citizen Rustem Albakassov, 36, the brother-in-law of Bergei Ryskaliev - the ex-governor of oil-rich Atyrau Oblast, has been detained by Swiss police at the end of April. 
The native of the Orenburg region (Russian Federation) Albakassov was on wanted list in connection with high-profile criminal case of his brother-in-law Bergei Ryskaliev, accused of major scale fraud, as well as creation and management of organized criminal community (consisting of three organized criminal groups) when he was governing the region in 2006-2012. Bergei Ryskaliev and his brother Amanzhan (the former RoK Parliament deputy) are on the run since fall of 2012. Allegedly, they are both in London, where their families have settled long time ago, Although in the same fall the Border Service of National Security of Kazakhstan in their reply to Ak Zhaik newspaper stated that “Ryskaliev brothers never crossed the Kazakh border». And only in 2013 both of them, one after the other (first -the former Parliament deputy and then ex-governor) appeared on the wanted list of the Kazakh financial police.
Altogether there were 14 people put on the wanted list, involved in the case that is currently considered by the Atyrau court. (see «Ex-Governor's case. The shadow on a bench»). Out of 14 people 2 have been arrested. Oleg Pavlichenko was detained in Moscow and Zhanbolat Dyusenbaev in Aktobe. Also at that time it was announced that over 100 million euros have been found and frozen in Swiss banks. The local police assumes that those funds belong to the Ryskaliyevs.
And again, couple of weeks ago, in Geneva the police detained their brother-in-law. But why do our law enforcement agencies keep this information about his arrest in such a strict confidence?
Probably, because namely Albakassov always, in Aktobe, in Atyrau and even overseas in hiding till his last day of freedom, due to his family relations, remained a close confidant of Ryskaliyev brothers, so to speak, the keeper of all their secrets.
It will easier to approach the brothers a bit closer through him, providing he is telling  something to investigators in Geneva.
It is understandible thaty in Akorda they follow very closely the court trials in Atyrau, as well as low-key investigation operations. By the way, Aslan Mussin, who, until recently, occupied high positions in the government as chairman of calculation committee, the head of presidential administration and the governor of two regions, is currently located in the same area. He is the RoK Ambassador to Croatia. It was Aslan Mussin, who in far back 2006, when he was leaving for his new assignment in Astana, in some magic way, managed to persuade N. Nazarbayev to appoint to the Atyrau regional governor's chair that he was vacating - his long-term business partner and protege - Bergei, who, God knows, where is hiding now...
Ak Zhaik newspaper's own information
May 14 2014, 21:52

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