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Automobilists and bikers’ V-Day rally

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By Anastassiya Pastoukhova

Automobilists and bikers’ rally dedicated to the Victory Day took place in Atyrau on May 9.  the organizers were local bikers and automobilists’ clubs who submitted the request to the local government well in advance.

They also invited to the celebration their friends from Rostov-on-Don. All cars were decorated with the attributes of the holiday. In addition to the stickers on the Victory theme, some handymen painted their cars as tanks and planes. Scarlet flags, slogans and banners … Many citizens of our city, spotting such colorful and unusual rally, took their mobile phones to take a few pictures.

The motorcade gathered at the outskirts of the city and moved towards the city centre accompanied by traffic police cars, making a big detour along the central streets of the city. The final destination of the motorcade was the Victory Park where the participants of the action laid flowers at the Eternal flame.

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May 10 2014, 14:00

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