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Losers are liers?

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It’s been 6 years now since TINGS LLP tries to get back 30% of shares in authorized capital of the foreign company Caspian Sulfa Company LLP (further – CSC), belonging to TINGS on lawful grounds and on the basis of court rulings that took legal effect.

Quite recently, on April 23 of this year the Atyrau court of the third instance has left without changes the decision made by the judge M. Sembina on October 7, 2013 in favor of TINGS. Though following the complaints filed by the opponents, the case has been repeatedly reviewed in the court, including the Supreme Court, for several years and the case has been submitted for reconsideration to Atyrau court in a new composition of judges.

It seems that now everything is clear and the final period is put on this case. The only thing left is to enforce court decision. But, probably, the claimants who have lost the case are afraid of it. They use all kinds of methods, up to public slander addressed to TINGS, using various mass media. And we always are forced to prove our case and expose the liars (see “To throw mud from overseas to avoid RoK laws” and “Hysterical losing”). And this is only a part of information war against TINGS, where a  certain very pushy lady from Atyrau managed to involve  not only a foreign oppositional web-portal, but also the state news agency, misleading the acquaintance journalists.    

And on April 29, 2014, literally a few days after the final loss of the case in the court by CSC, now the regional newspaper “Prikaspiyskaya Kommuna” publishes the article “Scandal around the plant” (the author is Victor Soutyagin, well known to many Atyraulians, who also does part time job in republican TV channel and news agency). Since all the information published in that article isn't true, we unambiguously regard this publication as another attempt to influence public opinion and put pressure on government bodies, first of all - law-enforcement and judicial ones. In order to avoid long quotes from the above Soutyagin’s articles, as well as lengthy denials of the facts, we would only say that once again we can prove to any auditing and controlling bodies that we are right and we can present all necessary documents, unlike blatant lies, slanders and a misinterpretation of facts by our opponents.

The only thing that is worth paying attention is the statement made by the author which sounds like a cold comfort for the party that lost the case and the argument they use, referring to the head of our country: “It is difficult to say how this case will end – the case where the hindrance has been created for the operation of the foreign investor. But the case may become “headline-making case”, since the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev urged not to interfere with investors’ businesses, creating for them the most favorable conditions”. By the way, CSC is not an investor. It is a service company that is engaged only in processing of flaked sulfur at the Tengiz field and works according to clients’ orders. And, moreover, nobody is allowed to break the laws of the country. For example, major companies pay huge fines for various violations.I

t is also worth reminding that the president even more often urges not to disrupt the operations of the domestic businessmen. By organizing annual meetings with national investors he perfectly understands that they are the backbone of the country and its future. TINGS is a well known company with local workforce that constantly provides training to its employees, creates all conditions and employs the young people from orphanages. Our managers don't hide themselves somewhere overseas, like that Canadian who in defiance of all laws appropriated and re-sold TINGS’s share in CSC and now doesn't want to comply with the decision of the Kazakhstan court. He even doesn’t hire a lawyer since he knows that his case is a lost case. Therefore, this fugitive uses as his defenders some strangers with whom it is impossible to discuss legal issues on a proper legal language.        

N. Moukhamedyarov,

TINGS representative.                                                                                  (Sponsored feature)

May 6 2014, 14:57

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