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Counterfeiters from Cameroon choose Kazakhstan

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The Almaty financial police detained two counterfeiters from Cameroon who had been producing counterfeit US dollar bank notes, reports citing the press service of the Almaty financial police department.

The police was informed about foreign citizens who offer 100 US dollar banknote counterfeiting “services”. During investigation financial police caught the citizens of Cameroon who showed to their “clients” sheets of black paper that turned into real banknotes after a special liquid was poured on them.

The police found out that Camerron citizens tried to defraud from interested victims 300 thousand dollars, promising to give back two times more money later.

Counterfeiters from Camerron kept in the rented flat in Almaty packs of cut black and white sheets, bottles with solutions and other incriminating items and documents.

Financial police of Almaty initiated a criminal case against the counterfeiters as per the Criminal Code article “Attempt to fraud, embezzlement of alien’s property by way of fraud and betrayal of trust”.

 “In this connection, we ask the citizens, who suffered from the actions of the above counterfeiters, to contact us over the telephone of trust - 144 or tel: 278-73-00 (duty financial police officer)”, reads the message circulated by the financial police of Almaty. 

April 29 2014, 10:12

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