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In Crimea teenager killed for speaking Ukrainian (Video)

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Photo:Global Look PressPhoto:Global Look Press16-y.o. citizen of Rivnensky Oblast was kiiled in Crimea. His mother told Rivne 1 TV channel that her son was beaten and killed by militia for speaking Ukrainian, reports citing Ukrainian TV channel Rivne 1.

The young man received severe beating on Easter day when he was returning with his friend from disco club. His friend said that they both were beaten by the militia who were coming from the opposite direction. When Mark's friend resumed consciousness, he found his friend dead, said the friend.


The young man was studying in Crimea. He was buried in his home town of Rivno.  

His relatives, friends and schoolmates came to say farewell to young man as he was laid to rest.

April 25 2014, 12:23

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