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Heads of NCOC and Eni replaced

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By Saule Tasboulatova

Pierre OffantPierre OffantAs of May 1, NCOC Managing Director Pierre Offant resigns from his position and will be replaced by Stephan de Mayu, ExxonMobil secondee.

“The Operator of the North Caspian Product Sharing Agreement reports that as of May 1, 2014 Mr. Pierre Offant resigns from his position of the Managing Director and the Chairman of the North Caspian Operating Company B. V. that he occupied from the moment of establishment of NCOC in 2008, - reads the press release. – He will be replaced by Mr. Stephan de Mayu, ExxonMobil secondee, who has extensive experience in international oil and gas projects. During his 30 years of experience he worked in difficult multinational projects, as well as on senior managing positions in different countries”.

The partners, probably, arrived to this decision after the problems at Kashagan.

And as the new head of the Italian company Eni (one of seven partners in the North Caspian project) was appointed Claudio Descalzi, who replaced Paolo Scaroni. Claudio Descalzi was Eni’s exploration and production manager. Although, there is no official information on this management reshuffle yet.

To recall, the former head of Eni Paolo Scaroni has been recently sentenced to three years of imprisonment for financial crimes. And that wasn’t his first criminal record (see “Kashagan to be ruined by Italian convict and our businessmen in ministerial chairs”).

April 23 2014, 16:48

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