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Arrested district police chief escaped from hospital (Update, VIDEO)

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By Azamat Maitanov

The chief of Issatai District Police Department Altynbek Koubaidullin has been arrested by the regional financial police officers on April 21.

An informal source told AkZhaik that the police chief was detained for storing black caviar and giving protection to poachers. The issue of initiation of criminal case is currently being considered.

Issatai District has been ill famed for poachers and skirmishes between their “protections” from law enforcement agencies.  

The local financial police office only confirmed the fact of detention of the chief of Issatai District Police Department and promised to provide a detailed information later.  

From the press release: On April 21, Financial Police officers jointly with Internal Security Department “detained the chief of Issatai District Police Department during receiving of bribe (250 thousand tenge and 3 kg of black caviar) from Mr. N. for providing protection and inactions when the latter was catching sturgeons”. On the same day a criminal case was initiated against the police chief according to Article 311, part 2of the RoK Criminal Code (“Receiving bribe by officials”).

The local financial police office refused to provide information whether Kubaidullin was detained or released with travel restrictions. Meanwhile, we learnt from informal sources, that after arrest Kubaidullin felt sick and was hospitalized in Atyrau emergency hospital. Although he was secured by two financial police guards at the hospital, the next day Kubaidullin managed to escape. He is currently on a wanted list.

Today, April 23, in the afternoon our correspondent witnessed a dialogue between a financial police officer on duty and two policemen. The policemen came to the financial police office with a statement from Kubaidullin's relatives claiming he had gone missing, and asked a contact information about two financial police officers who had been on guard of the arrested district police chief while he was in the hospital.

April 23 2014, 09:31

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