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"Hitler is not a fascist": Kazakh magazine's issue on 125th anniversary of Adolf Hitler

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Photo: anyzadam.kzPhoto: anyzadam.kzThe Kazakh agency for communication and information sees the signs of law violation in the content of the April issue of “Anyz Adam” magazine (Person -Legend) dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Adolf Hitler, reports citing the state mass media.

The publication dedicated to Adolf Hitler and one of the materials that is entitled “Hitler - fascist емес” ("Hitler is not a fascist"), stirred a big public uproar.

“Following the publication of the April issue of the magazine “Anyz Adam” the Communication Agency of Kazakhstan informs the following: The content of the issue has signs of violation of the Constitution and the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding kindling of social, racial, patrimonial,  or religious hatred (article 164 of the Criminal code of RoK)", - reads the press service message of the department.

The circulation of Anyz adam magazine, published in Kazakh language, makes over 25 thousand copies. The editor-in-chief Zharylkap Kalybai, who became widely known after the incident onboard SCAT airline on August 26, 2013 (Antalia- Almaty flight)  when he, being drunk throughout the whole flight, said abusive remarks to stewards demanding them to speak to him in the state language. He was then arrested and detained in police station for three days.

April 18 2014, 12:29

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