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31 October - National Day of Refusal from Alcohol

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On October 31 the country marked the annual National Day of Refusal from Alcohol Intake. In several oblasts the medics organized ten-day, monthly campaigns aimed at prevention of excessive alcohol intake.

They believe it would help to build drink refusal skills and help you manage urges for drinking. In Karaganda the medics called businesses to refuse from selling alcohol on this day.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), in the world due “abuse of alcohol” 2,5 million people die every year. The most different causes of death are - road accidents, heart diseases, cancer and cirrhosis.

Kazakhstanstarted to mark this day since 2007 with the purpose of attracting public attention to the issue of alcohol abuse, increasing awareness of the population on destructive impact of the excessive use of alcoholic beverages on health and promoting healthy lifestyle.


October 31 2012, 18:32

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