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Boston Prisoner's Kazakhstani father denied visa

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Amir Ismagulov, the father of Azamat Tazhayakov, who is accused of obstructing justice in the Boston bombings case, has been denied a US visa and might not be able to attend the June 30th hearing of this son's case, tengrinews reports.

The hearing of Dias Kadyrbaeyv and Azamat Tazhayakov’s case has been postponed a number of times. There is a possibility that the investigation will continue until 2015. But according to Amir Ismagulov the hearing was finally scheduled for July 30th, 2014.

“They are not giving me a visa because they do not want to let me into the country. We want to raise the questions that would make them uncomfortable and they do not want to hear them. But in any case, even if I am not allowed into the country, our lawyers will pose the questions. It would be much better if I were there to organize the defense. My wife and daughter are staying there (in the States). We are ready and we want the trial. They do not want to start the trial and want to continue postponing hearings,” Ismagulov said. 

Kazakhstani students Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov were arrested in the United States in relation to the Boston bombings case and are detained in the Middletown jail. They are not accused of doing anything related to the bombings themselves, but are charged with obstructing justice for meddling in the way of the US police. The first hearing of this case took place on August 13, 2013. Robel Phillipos, a 19-y.o. American friend of the two Kazakh students, who was arrested on the same charges, was the only one of the three to be released on bail even though his charges include giving a false testimony besides obstructing justice.

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