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“Deputy Says CIA Wrote Songs for Soviet Musician Viktor Tsoi”, “Ex-President Kuchma Says Only West Can Resolve Ukraine Crisis”, “KZ prepares range of measures amid severe sanctions of the West against Russia”,“Russia's Finance Minister Predicts Zero Growt

1 050 просмотрs “Deputy Says CIA Wrote Songs for Soviet Musician Viktor Tsoi”- A lawmaker from Russia's ruling political party has lashed out at legendary Soviet rock musician Viktor Tsoi, accusing him of having been a CIA agent who worked to destroy the U.S.S.R. with a song that demanded social and political "change." “Ex-President Kuchma Says Only West Can Resolve Ukraine Crisis” - Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma believes that Western mediation is the only way out of Ukraine's current crisis. “Kazakhstan prepares range of measures amid severe sanctions of the West against Russia” - Kazakh authorities have prepared a set of measures in the event of severe sanctions of the West against Russia.

“70 companies from 12 states partake in “InterFood Astana- 2014 Exhibition”- Astana exhibition center "Korme" has opened the 16th Kazakhstan International Exhibition for food, drinks, ingredients, packaging and equipment for food industry called "InterFood Astana- 2014". “Ukrainian forces push back separatists” - The Ukrainian military on Tuesday secured an airfield threatened by Russia sympathizers, signaling the start of a campaign to counter militants who have stormed official buildings in at least 10 eastern cities. “Ukraine and Russia seem to be edging perilously close to war” - The latest turn of events in the Ukraine crisis appear to be creating the conditions in which Russian president Vladimir Putin might at any moment order his troops to invade his western neighbor. “2014 Pulitzer Prize winners announced” - The 2014 Pulitzer Prizes were announced Monday, with 13 awards given to different categories under journalism and seven awarded under books, drama and music. “Russia's Finance Minister Predicts Zero Growth” - Russia's finance minister is predicting zero growth for the country's economy in 2014. Kazakhstan: Anticipating Expo-2017 - Kazakhstan is busy with preparations for ‘Expo-2017′. Astana – the new capital of Kazakhstan – has grown into a successful host of international forums. With its vibrant energy of a young state, neutral status and a climate of religious tolerance, it has attracted the representatives of states with varied religious and cultural backgrounds, which was one of the major reasons for the International Exhibitions Bureau to bestow the honour upon Astana.   

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