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Anti-Eurasian Union Forum was held in Almaty

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By Saule Tasboulatova

Max BokaevMax BokaevLast Saturday “an Anti-Euroasian Forum" took place in Almaty at KazZhol hotel. The forum gathered those who were against the idea of Kazakhstan joining the Euroasian economic union (EurAsEC).

About 500 people participated in the forum from all regions of the country, including the  representatives of public and political associations: Tolegen Zhukeev, Zhasaral Kuanyshalin, Serikzhan Mambetalin, Zhanbolat Mamai and others.

Max Bokaev, a well-known public activist from Atyrau, also made a speech at the forum. He voiced his point of view to Ak Zhaik newspaper by phone:

- In May of this year the signing of the agreement about establishment of the Euroasian Economic Union is scheduled. Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are going to become its members. I don't support this, because I am sure that the Euroasian Union won't do us any good. To me and to many of my fellow citizens the sovereignty and independence of Kazakhstan is the supreme value. But with establishment of EurAsEC many authorities and powers of Kazakhstan will be delegated to supranational bodies. In the union with the Russian Federation we can't be equal partners. The proofs to that are the Customs Union, ODKB. Moreover, under the leadership of Putin Russia in recent years demonstrates the worst examples of their relations to its neighbors. The proof to that is annexation of the Crimea, destabilization of the situation in eastern regions of Ukraine.

The authoritative political system of our country after emergence of EurAsEC will degrade even more and we will not be attractive even to investors; all this will throw us away to the roadside of world development.

One thing to add to all this – so far there is no full and final text of the EurAsEC agreement. The part that is published in Internet is overloaded with technical details that can be discussed in “normal order”, without establishing supranational bodies. Moreover, it appeared that in the current draft agreement there are no procedures for breaking away from EurAsEC. In my opinion, this is still a very raw and unreasoned decision."

On the Internet there is a full text of Max Bokaev’s speech at the Anti-Euroasian Forum. Max finished his speech in the southern capital with the words: “He who signs the Euroasian agreement is a traitor”.

April 15 2014, 15:40

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