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Oil slick found in search for MH 370 as undersea drone dives

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Authorities on the hunt for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 say an oil slick has been discovered close to the search area in the southern Indian Ocean, reports.

Samples have been taken to determine the origin of the fuel.

The Australian navy has introduced a Bluefin-21 submarine drone to scour the sea bed for aircraft’s black box:

Australia’s is Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston is leading the investigation: “I would caution you against raising hopes that the deployment of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Will result in the detection of the aircraft wreckage. It may not. However, this is the best lead we have and it must be pursued vigorously”.

No pings from the Boeing 777 have been heard since April 8 amid concerns that the flight recorders’ batteries have expired.

Those looking for the plane believe signals detected by vessels in area are consistent with flight recorders.

The Bluefin is a underwater autonomous craft, capable of recording a sonar map of the sea bed.

The plane went missing on March 8 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 293 people on board.

April 14 2014, 19:52

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