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"Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton during Las Vegas speech", "Turkey to maintain YouTube block despite ‘free speech’ ruling", "Japan should recognize Crimea accession to continue talks over Kurils - Duma member", "Gazprom buys out Kyrgyzgaz for $1"

1 590 просмотрs "Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton during Las Vegas speech" - Former US Secretary of State was nearly hit by a shoe during a speech in Las Vegas Thursday, dodging the object at the last second as an usher escorted a young woman from the audience.

"Devastating flash floods hit Solomon Islands" - At least 16 people have been killed in flash floods in the Solomon Islands. Up to 40 others are still missing and 10,000 have been left homeless. This handout photo taken on April 4, 2014 and released by World Vision shows flood waters in Honiara.

"Afghans line up for presidential election" - Afghan men search for their candidate on a ballot while voting during presidential and provincial elections at a polling station in Adraskan district of Herat province on April 5, 2014.

"Japan should recognize Crimea accession to continue talks over Kurils - Duma member" - A leftist Russian MP has proposed the Foreign Ministry freeze all territorial talks with Japan until it recognizes the results of Crimea’s referendum on joining Russia.

"Pennsylvania mass school stabbing leaves up to 22 injured"- Up to 22 people were stabbed at a high school near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with some victims having suffered serious injuries. The suspect, a male student, was detained by staff at the school. "Gazprom buys out Kyrgyzgaz for $1" - Russia's top natural gas producer Gazprom has signed a deal to buy 100 percent of shares of Kyrgyzgaz for $1 and assumed the responsibility to repay $40 million of debt owed by the Kyrgyz gas producer, Itar-Tass reported.

"Donetsk protesters await attack, as Kiev ultimatum deadline looms"- Anti-government protesters across eastern Ukraine prepare for an attack by the coup-imposed Kiev government’s attack, as 24 hours remain until the Kiev deadline. "UK wastes $900 mln on Tamiflu, other ineffective drugs on WHO recomendations" - The British government wasted $896 million dollars on buying two ant-flu drugs, despite their not being proven to prevent infections spreading or stop serious illness, according to scientists who spent four years studying and analyzing the medications.

"Turkey to maintain YouTube block despite ‘free speech’ ruling"- YouTube will remain blocked in Turkey in spite of a court order ruling that the ban is a violation of freedom of speech. The prohibition of social media in Turkey sparked public ire and mass protests against internet censorship. "NATO commander says US troops may be deployed to Europe over Ukrainian crisis" - The United States Air Force commander in charge of the NATO alliance’s military presence in Europe said on Wednesday this week that US troops may soon be deployed to the region as tensions continue to worsen near the border between Ukraine and Russia.

April 11 2014, 10:25

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