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“In KZ, What Did Embattled TeliaSonera Learn From Uzbekistan?”, “Afghan policeman shoots dead AP reporter”, “Mumbai gang rape: Death sentences for India rapists”, "Schumacher has 'conscious moments", “Riot police clash with police in Kyrgystan"

1 648 просмотрs “In Kazakhstan, What Did Embattled TeliaSonera Learn From Uzbekistan?” - Following the admission by embattled Nordic telecoms giant TeliaSonera this week that its operations in Kazakhstan and four other countries had breached the company’s own ethical requirements and may have broken the law, the firm is bracing itself for a new round of scrutiny. policeman shoots dead AP reporter Niedringhaus” - Two journalists working for the Associated Press news agency have been shot by a police officer in eastern Afghanistan, officials say.

“Mumbai gang rape: Death sentences for India rapists” - A court in India has sentenced three men to hang, under a new law which carries the death penalty for those convicted of multiple sexual assaults.

"Schumacher has 'conscious moments' - agent" - F1 champion Michael Schumacher is showing "moments of consciousness" after months in a coma, his agent has said. “Riot police clash with protesters at Centerra gold mine in Kyrgyzstan” - Hundreds of protesters attempted to storm a Canadian gold mine office in Kyrgyzstan on Friday, clashing violently with riot police and prompting the Central Asian nation to declare a state of emergency. Dozens of people were wounded. “Russian Iskander missiles on Kazakhstan border meant to put pressure on United States” - Russia plans to build new special storage facilities for Iskander missile systems at a mere 100km (62ml) distance from the Kazakhstani border. If necessary, the tactical missiles can be swiftly moved on the territory of Kazakhstan; this is provided by the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) agreement between the two countries. Several experts have shared their opinion on the possible reasons of this move with. 

ria. ru. French Company Orders 7 Additional Russian Soyuz Rockets - French space launch company Arianespace has signed a contract with the Russian space agency Roscosmos for the delivery of seven additional Soyuz carrier rockets, the company said Friday.



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