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Letter to General Prosecution and Financial Police: Where are Ryskaliev brothers?

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To: General Prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.K. Daulbayev;

To: Chairman of the RoK Agency for Countering Economic and Corruption Crimes (Financial Police) R.T. Tusupbekov;

Dear Mr. Daulbayev and Mr. Tusupbekov,

To our enquiry dd. 24.09.2012, Frontier Service of the RoK National Security Committee on 12.10.2012 responded (both copies attached) that Kazakhstan citizens Bergei Saulebayevich Ryskaliyev and Amanzhan Saulebayuly Ryskaliyev did not cross the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the period between August 15 and October 3.

Frontier Service recommended us applying to General Prosecutor’s Office for further explanations on this issue.

Due to the above, you are requested to provide the public of Atyrau Oblast with information about the location of the ex-governor Bergei RYSKALIYEV as well as his brother, ex-member of the RoK Parliament’s Majilis Amanzhan Ryskali who has been announced internationally wanted by financial police within a criminal proceeding against him.

50,000 views of the open enquiry to General Prosecutor’s Office published at the Ak Zhaik website have proven the enormous interest of whole Kazakhstan people, not only of Atyrau, in whereabouts of the mentioned persons -- and the official response was distributed virtually by all news agencies working country-wide.

Given this, you are earnestly asked not to ignore the right of Atyrau Oblast people to accurate information that your agencies might have.  


Editorial office of Ak Zhaik newspaper.

Atyrau, October 30, 2012

October 30 2012, 11:27

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