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Astana will be home to a branch of Shaolin Temple

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Photo courtesy of shaolin.ruPhoto courtesy of shaolin.ruAstana, Kazakhstan’s capital city, will be home to a branch of the famous Shaolin Monastery, Galymzhan Torkayev, a monastery graduate and a thriving businessman, tengrinews reports.

According to him, years of talks at long last resulted in success. “It will be an unprecedented event as such possibilities are normally beyond discussions in Shaolin. It a completely closed world, another reality. However, we managed to persuade the mentors that opening a branch in Astana would be mutually beneficial. Shaolin will be closer to Europe, reducing the “load” of the mother temple that accommodates a colossal inflow of tourists”, he said.

He elaborated that monks would be teaching wushu in Astana. “The service is quite costly; but we have almost resolved the financing issues. These will be Kazakhstan’s investments. There are all the reasons to believe the (…) project will be of great significance to Kazakhstan from the image-making perspective”.
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