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Kazakhstan participated in world 'Earth Hour' action

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Kazakhstan didn't stay aside of the action "Earth Hour" held worldwide on the 29th of March, 2014. The essence of this symbolic action is to show the concern of the people around the world for problem of the climate change. The whole world cut the power for 60 minutes thereby joining the movement on the Earth environmental improvement, correspondent reports.

"Kazakhstan participates in the action "Earth Hour" held in the whole world for the last five years in a row. Initially, only two of all Kazakhstan cities - Astana and Almaty participated in the action, but year after year, more and more people from different cities of Kazakhstan expressed their willingness to take part in this noble event. Over one million people across the territory of our country participated in the action this year proving that Kazakhstan feel concern for the world ecology problems," the Sustainable Development Fund Public Relations Director Ruslan Schaefer said.

According to Schaefer, the representatives of the Fund headed by the him addressed to the heads of the regional and district Akimats (mayor's office in Kazakhstan ), Ministries, large enterprises, directors of Higher Education Institutions of the country with a request to switch off all advertisement panels and other communal property objects on the 29th of March.

As the Fund marked, following the tradition large cities of the world power off the illumination of main buildings. Astana in its turn tripped the switch of Akorda (Kazakhstan President' residence), "Baiterek" monument, "Khan Shatyr" shopping and recreation center and many other significant objects.

"This action is especially symbolical. Its goal is to save energy this day and hour, and demonstrate the people the importance of energy saving and environmental problems," Ruslan Schaefer added.

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