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Russian missile falls near Kazakh village

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A Russian missile fell near the village of Shungai in West Kazakhstan province, reports Uralskaya Nedelya, a local newspaper. 

Launched at a Russian missile test area the rocket fall brought no human casualties.  

The accident took place on the night of March 26-27 in the proximity of Shungai village, Bokei Orda District, 200km from the Russian rocket launch site Kapustin Yar, which also occupies some land in the West Kazakhstan region. 

 Locals say they heard a loud crash of something heavy against the ground and felt a slight vibration at around 1 am local time. 

When outside people saw tongues of flame in some 300-400 meters from the village. 

"In a few hours police, men in plain clothes and the military arrived to the location. The place was cordoned off and no one was allowed to go in. The missile had disparted into three during the fall. The debris are still on the ground," one of the villagers said on the phone. 

Currently Russian military officers are in the village discussing transportation of the debris. 


March 28 2014, 10:40

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