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Kamaz cattle truck and Opel collided

March 26 2014, 15:59

By Murat Sultangaliyev

This morning, March 26, approximately at 8:30am on the crossroads Atyrau-Inder and Atyrau-Dossor near Birlik village Opel-Omega car collided with KAMAZ truck loaded with live cattle.

According to Gulnazira Mukhtarova, the head of DIA press service, 24-y.o. girl driving an Opel-Omega car didn't yield to KAMAZ truck with trailer loaded with cows. KAMAZ truck driving on the main route, overturned at collision. The KAMAZ driver, the citizen of West Kazakhstan Oblast, got off with bruises. According to the report of the regional hospital, the lady driver of light vehicle was hospitalized to intensive care unit with closed craniocerebral trauma and closed injury of stomach.

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