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Do Kazakhstan's teenagers smoke marijuana?

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An Internet polling by gave us the following interesting details:

6% of respondents said they regularly smoke 'weed.'

22% tried it once or two, but never continued.

The rest claimed they never tried, 60% say they have no intention even to try.

"I know some people who literally stupefied from this. Seeing them I made up my mind to never smoke it" -- a respondent explains his negative attitude to 'light' narcotics.

Experts confirmed this fact, proving that smoking marijuana in young age may inflict long-lasting damage to memory, intellectual and attention concentrating abilities.

Moreover, cannabinoids make the strongest negative influence on brain during teen age -- the age when new bonds form between neurons and nerve system develops.

Recently, smoking marijuana was legalized in Los Angeles; it is permitted for medical purposes in Canada; storage of 'little quantities' has been long allowed in some other countries.

According to marijuana smoking supporters in Kazakhstan, free access to 'weed' will reduce street crime rate and death rate among drug addicts.

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October 29 2012, 10:24

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