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Spring has come, my dears and nears!

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Photo reportage by Zeena Urynbassarova

In the western regions of our country people start celebrating Nauryz on March 14 with traditional ‘korisu’ (literal translation – “to shake hands”). The meaning of this custom: people rejoiced that they made it through long and harsh winter and stayed alive and healthy.

Men greeted each other by embracing, and women opened out their arms, touched each other slightly first with the right, and then with the left shoulder and greeted each other with both hands. So the spring holiday - Nauryz started in the village of Sarashyk (40 km north of Atyrau).   

- I remember how my parents, as well as my mother-in-law, before greeting custom – korisu, always waited that their close and distant relatives will visit them. Younger people visited the seniors first, - says the hostess of the house Moumina Babikyzy.

- My mother saved the best pieces of ‘sogym’ meat (‘sogym’ - butchering of animals for winter) for the relatives, and they knew that they will be served with their share of meat - sybaga.

















Coming of spring – Nauryz was celebrated in each Kazakh family. One of such families is the Naushabayevs from the village of Saraishyk. From far and near places their relatives gather in their house. And sure, Nauryz celebration starts with ‘korisu’ (hand shake) greeting.
















Each guest receives his share of meat – sybaga served with dish ‘meat-a la kazak’.

















Choral singing is an integral part of family gatherings and festive tables! The master of the house Ibatolla Sultanuly and his wife Moumina are singing with guests, accompanying on dombra.










Tea poured by the daughter-in-law of the family always tastes special. Almagul Saugabaikyzy, the daughter-in-law, pours fragrant tea to the guests.




















Elder sisters take care of the little ones. Granddaughter Agila swings a cradle.








Nauryz is a special holiday for children. They play ‘asyks’ - game with animal bones.













The grandson Nurbergen with a baby lamb - the first animal yield in flock.
















During parting even the dog Aktaban got sad a little bit: so hard to say goodbye to the welcome guests.

March 20 2014, 12:00

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