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Vicente Loscertales advises Kazakhstan to have good cultural show for EXPO

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Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales. Photo courtesy of ekburg.tvVicente Gonzalez Loscertales. Photo courtesy of ekburg.tvVicente Loscertales, General Secretary of the International Exhibitions Bureau (BIE), has advised Kazakhstan to arrange an exiting cultural show for the EXPO Astana will host in 2017, tengrinews reports.

"EXPO is like a stage where a country can show what it is like and demonstrate its national character. An EXPO with no strong cultural element is not a successful EXPO. That is why an excellent show must be ready three months before the exhibition. Everything about the national identity must be in there," Vicente Loscertales said.

"EXPOs are often accompanied by non-EXPO events, like opera shows. You have an excellent theater here. Perhaps, some of the countries will bring their troupes over to Astana. We will be supporting such initiations. It is very important," he added.

He added that the awareness of the Kazakhstan residents about the EXPO had been growing. "It means that we are moving in the right direction and residents of the country will be welcoming the EXPO-2017 with great joy and pleasure," Loscertales said.

Speaking about his meeting with Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov, the BIE Secretary General said that the dossier registration process was "going smoothly", but "architectural solution will required some changes to bring them into compliance with the approved master plan," he said. 

Loscertales added that when preparing to host an EXPO, a country should keep the post-EXPO period in mind and plan ahead the further use of the EXPO venues.

March 18 2014, 19:17

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