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"Ukrainian Crisis May Split Russian Orthodox Church”, “Air Arabia adds Shymkent route”, “Obama to Putin: U.S. will never recognize Crimea vote”, “KZ invited to join the GRECO”, “3 000 former Kazakhstan nationals domiciled in Germany come back to KZ"

1 100 просмотрs "Ukrainian Crisis May Split Russian Orthodox Church” - As Russian troops massed on Ukraine’s border and a controversial secession vote in Crimea approaches Sunday (March 16), Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church called for prayers “that brothers of one faith and one blood never bring destruction to one another.” “Air Arabia adds Shymkent route” - Air Arabia has announced the launch of non-stop services to Shymkent in Kazakhstan. The new twice-weekly service will be Air Arabia’s 91st worldwide destination. “Obama to Putin: U.S. will never recognize Crimea vote” - The White House and leaders in Congress vowed Sunday to impose tough economic sanctions on Russia in hopes of stopping further aggression into Ukraine, following what they decried as a bogus referendum in Crimea. “KZ Security Council meeting discuss situation in Ukraine” - The meeting of the Security Council under the chairmanship of President Nursultan Nazarbayev has discussed the situation in Ukraine, according to Akorda. In addition the round table considered the impact of the events on Kazakhstan economic development. Head of State stressed the importance of decision-making to ensure continued economic growth and the implementation of plans for the country's enhancement.

“Kazakhstan invited to join the GRECO” - Kazakhstan has been invited to join the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), this has been announced by Olzhas Bektenov, Head of information - analytical department of the Financial Police, at a meeting of the Public Council on anti-corruption and the shadow economy in the financial police.

“3 000 former Kazakhstan nationals domiciled in Germany come back to Kazakhstan” - Only within the last two years, three thousand ethnic Germans who obtained permanent place of residence in Germany some years ago returned to Kazakhstan, deputy of the Kazakhstan Majilis from People's Assembly Yegor Kappel briefed today the Service of central communications.

March 19 2014, 16:53

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