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Anti-cancer drinks to be produced in Kyzylorda Oblast

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Kyzylorda city in southern Kazakhstan to partake in production of anti-cancer onion drinks that kill cancer cells, tengrinews reports.

This weekend Akim of Kyzylorda Nurlybek Nalibayev signed a memorandum with South Korean companies HK Group and Teayong Telecomunication & Electric Engineering Inc that plan to carry out a number of projects in Kyzylorda Oblast including the anti-cancer onion drinks project. The drinks are to be produced from locally grown onions with the use of nanotechnologies. 

“Our research proves that the onion drinks produced with nanotechnologies can kill 70% of cancer cells. We are glad to be able to start the project for the first time on Kyzylorda soil (…). East Kazakhstan Oblast was competing to partake in the project along with Kyzylorda Oblast. But your climate proved to be more suitable for growing the raw material,” a representative of the South Korean company Simon Kim said.

He added that working in Kazakhstan was not new to him, and he had had 25 years of successful cooperation with Kazakhstan. “I’m happy to see your country grow and develop. We are pleased to offer the latest technologies to Kazakhstanis. Despite having many countries' interest in cooperation with our company we still chose Kazakhstan,” Mr. Kim concluded.

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