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Yanukovich reads out statement instead of press conference (video)

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Viktor Yanukovich. Photo: EPAViktor Yanukovich. Photo: EPAJournalists were told that no press conference of Yanukovich would take place on Tuesday, reports.

Yanukovich called the new Ukrainian government ‘a gang’ and accused them of trying to start a civil war ‘under Bandera’s flag’. “Soldiers and officers will not obey your criminal orders,” the ex-President claimed.

Yanukovich repeated that he was the Ukrainian President and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. The new authorities are conducting purges in the MFA, SBU and the army, he claimed.

The ex-President also commented on the foreign financial assistance rendered to the new authorities. He was indignant at the fact that the USA had promised $1 billion to Ukraine. This assistance violates the American laws, Yanukovich claimed. He is going to complain to the U.S. Congress, Senate and Supreme Court to dispute the lawfulness of the assistance.

The new authorities’ activities are to blame for ‘the breakaway feelings in Crimea’, he stated at the end of his speech.

March 11 2014, 17:31

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