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Oilfield workers of Atyrau ‘discovered’ 3 000 years old ancient burial

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Frame by KTK TV channelFrame by KTK TV channelAtyrau Oblast oilfield workers made a shocking finding. They found a cumuli of human remains in the desert. The captured video was sent to KTK TV channel office.

It appeared that the remains belong to representatives of tribes that lived in these area 2-3 thousand years ago. They found human bones during geological exploration activities  in sandy hills. In 2009 the professional archeologists have already made excavations here and discovered ancient burials of 5 people. They also fenced off the area. However, now the fence is no longer existent.

Mukhambetkali Kipiyev from the inspection of protection of historical  and cultural heritage of Atyrau Oblast says:

- These are the remains of ancient burials. The wind blew off the sand, and they appeared on a surface. The place is considered an archaeological monument. But extensive finances are required in order to continue research work on this burial ground.

March 5 2014, 14:42

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