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Movie supporting Astana Expo-2017 won award in Cannes

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International festival Cannes Corporate Media & TV AwardsThe movie promoting Astana Expo-2017 won an award in Cannes, reports citing the Trade Commission of Kazakhstan Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

“On October 18 Kazakhstan movie called Astana Expo 2017 – The Great Expectation of Kazakhstan initiated by the Trade Commission of Kazakhstan Ministry of Economic Development and Trade received the second place, Silver Dolphin Award, in Cannes. This is a prestigious award in Corporate Movie category of the annual international Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards festival. The movie was made to support of Astana as a candidate to host EXPO global exhibition in 2017,” the Commission writes.

“The video's emergence the competition as one of the best movie is a pleasant surprise for the stirring commission of EXPO-2017. Today we have won the corporate movies festival and we hope that this important event will help Kazakhstan win the competition for a right to host EXPO-2017,” chairman of the Trade Commission Aidar Kazybayev said.

This year the number of the participants of the festival from Russia and CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus) has increased significantly. The total number of submitted applications from these countries stood at 65. Kazakhstan had two more applications, but only The Great Expectations of Kazakhstan received the award.

October 26 2012, 23:26

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