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It’s Never Been Done Before: Emerson now in Atyrau

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Emerson, the global leader in engineering and cutting edge technologies inaugurated new Atyrau office on February 19.

With broad experience of working in many places across the world, the US company chose “It’s Never Been Done Before” its motto three years ago.

In 2012, Russia’s Lukoil successfully expanded the Varandei Terminal under conditions of -45° C cold and 5-meter-high waves in the Barents Sea using Emerson equipment.

Emerson has cooperated with many other mining and energy companies.

At its instrument-making plant in Chelyabinsk the company produces metering tools under Metran trademark.

Promising students of South Ural State University there get Emerson stipends.

Joint activities of engineers, students and teachers have shown positive outcomes. The company registered 80 patents in Chelyabinsk now successfully being used in the global economy.

Though its office here was opened just now, Emerson is a long-time partner of Tengizchevroil and Agip KCO. Given increasing oil production in the region the company seeks to increase personnel in the Atyrau office up to 30.

Emerson Vice President for CIS and Turkey Johan Vanderplaetse (on photo) says:

“We deliver instrumentation and control systems. With offices in Almaty, Aktau, Uralsk and now in Atyrau, we are planning to open branches in Pavlodar and Shymkent in future.

With the use of wireless technologies that can cover large areas and allow control over operations in remote and dangerous places, it is virtually possible to manage hydrocarbon production in Atyrau Oblast from a control center based in Almaty. It also offers great opportunities for coal mining industry. Like we did with Russian universities we are setting up ties with Kazakhstan universities too. We will be providing them with study materials on the newest technologies and take their best students for onsite training. Most probably, it will be one of the universities in Almaty.”

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