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Prosecutors to launch website to crack down on poachers

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By Zulfiya Iskaliyeva

Serik Shalabayev, Deputy prosecutor of Atyrau Oblast, took up the initiative of environmental prosecutor's office for introduction of creative ways for fighting against poaching.

At the meeting of the regional prosecutor's coordination council, among other things, he suggested to launch a special website:

- Let's create a special category in social networks where any eyewitness can place videos showing the facts of poaching, illegal transportation and illicit fish dealings. The expenses are insignificant: launching of Internet resource with the option to place videos and creation of prize pool (mobile phones, laptops), but the efficacy could be very serious.

To recall, a month ago by the order of environmental prosecutor Kairat Uteuliyev a mobile response group has been created with nature protection, water police, fish protection and Ak Zhaik wildlife reserve experts joining the team. The group started its work with the initiative “The Ural River is not a highway”. During raids the group confiscated more than 30 illegal motorbikes belonging to poachers.

February 24 2014, 17:14

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