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“Fukushima power plant leaks radioactive water”, “Scrotum-Nailing Artist Makes Ukraine-Style Pyre", “Astana Round Square in the list of 'Pearls of the Commonwealth”, “Hollywood actress visits Syrian refugees”, Biomarker could help fight depression"

1 291 просмотрs Scrotum-Nailing Artist Makes Ukraine-Style Pyre in St. Pete's- A performance artist who made international headlines last year by nailing his scrotum to cobblestones on Moscow’s Red Square was detained Sunday for lighting a pyre of car tires in St. Petersburg in a tribute to the unrest that has rocked Ukraine. “Astana Round Square in the list of 'Pearls of the Commonwealth” - Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the CIS countries has announced the list of the most important sights of the Commonwealth under the declared Year of Tourism. “Hollywood actress visits Syrian refugees in Lebanon” - Hollywood actress and the Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Angelina Jolie embarked Sunday on a tour of areas hosting Syrian refugees in Lebanon's Beqaa province, World Bulletin reported.

“Biomarker could help boys at risk of major depression” - Depression affects around 350 million people worldwide and at its worst can blight patients' lives for decades, affecting their relationships, work and ability to function.

“Turkish TV soap filming banned for depiction of Prophet”- The soap, known as Sefkat Tepe, two weeks ago was criticized for showing a depiction of the Prophet as a beam of light. Fukushima power plant leaks radioactive water - Operators at the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant say a large amount of radioactive water has leaked from a holding tank, the latest in a long line of problems at the plant since a March 2011 earthquake caused several reactor meltdowns.

February 24 2014, 11:21

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