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Ukraine death toll rises as protesters retake Maidan

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Kiev, Maidan. February 20, 2014.Kiev, Maidan. February 20, 2014.More deaths and wounded in Ukraine: Independence Square – Maidan – in Kyiv this Thursday morning was once again at least partially in the hands of Ukrainian anti-government protesters, reports.

Their renewed clashes with riot police followed a truce declared by President Viktor Yanukovych yesterday, though that announcement was not echoed by all opposition leaders on the ground.

Western news agency witnesses reported seeing lifeless civilian bodies after protesters surged back into an area that had been taken by police in heavy fighting on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ukrainian news sources yet to be independently verified said that the protesters had taken many of the security forces hostage in the latest fighting.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s defence ministry said that the armed forces might take part in a countrywide anti-terrorist operation.

February 20 2014, 16:11

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