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Central Bank Governor refutes rumors of banks bankruptcies

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Kairat KelimbetovKairat KelimbetovCentral Bank Governor Kairat Kelimbetov made a statement over the alleged misleading information campaign, tengrinews reports.

He elaborated that Kazakhstan had faced a wave of sms spreading misleading information on the financial position of a number of Kazakhstan-based banks, with the false information resulting in deposit run.

“The Central Bank assures that the information spread is false and misleading and is targeted at destabilizing the country’s banking system”, he said.

He reminded that in line with the country’s legislation, individuals’ deposits are safeguarded by the Government. “The Central Bank calls Kazakhstanis to keep calm and not to fall victim to misleading campaigns”, he said.

“The National Bank has turned to the country’s law enforcement bodies to prevent and stop the information campaign", Mr. Kelimbetov said.

The country’s media reported earlier that there had been a wave of sms spreading information on allegedly approaching bankruptcy of Allaince, Kaspi and Center Credit. The source of the information is still unknown.
The sms provoked a deposit run in some banks’ outlets.

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