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Palace for Newlyweds and Presidents

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By Murat Sultangaliev

In Atyrau, near the airport highway next to WorleyParson’s office, construction company Batys Alliance System started the construction of the palace for newlyweds.

The completion date of the facility that is worth 1.6bn tenge has been scheduled for October of this year. An impressive building, judging by its project design, is to be constructed in shortest possible period of time. The reason for such a rush is the scheduled for the end of the year Kazakhstan-Russian economic forum where Nazarbayev and Vladimir Putin will participate.

The contractor Batys Alliance System has already started foundation laying activities. According to the company director Adil Zhoubanov, on construction site they have the equipment for pouring concrete at low temperatures.

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February 14 2014, 15:46

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