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“Max Petroleum reports rise in Sagiz West reserves“, "KZ devalues tenge, blaming US policy, speculation", “China Pursues New Central Asian Gas Route”, “Putin playing his own long game at Sochi”, “KZ, Cuba Establish Cooperation in University Education"

1 215 просмотрs Max Petroleum reports rise in Sagiz West reserves - Max Petroleum is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company focused on Kazakhstan. The Company is a public limited company incorporated in the United Kingdom and listed on AIM. The Company holds a 100% interest in Blocks A&E Licence area covering over 12,455 km2 in the highly prolific Pre-Caspian Basin in Western Kazakhstan. The Pre-Caspian Basin has produced some of the world’s largest oil and gas discoveries, including the super-giant Tengiz, Kashagan, Karachaganak and Astrakhan fields, which range in size from seven to 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent in recoverable reserves. "Kazakhstan devalues tenge, blaming US policy, speculation" - Kazakhstan's central bank devalued the national currency, the tenge, by about 19.0 percent against the dollar on Tuesday, reducing support because of volatility on world markets and concerns over speculation. “China Pursues New Central Asian Gas Route” - China appears to be buying an expensive insurance policy for natural gas imports from Central Asia with its plans to build a pipeline through Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Since 2006, China has invested heavily in developing gas imports from Turkmenistan, opening its Central Asia Gas Pipeline (CAGP) across Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan at the end of 2009. “Putin playing his own long game at Sochi” - The fact that the Olympic Games can be politicized is not new. However, few such events have been politicized more than the competition now under way in Sochi, Russia. “Kazakhstan, Cuba Establish Cooperation in University Education” - A Cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science in Kazakhstan and its similar Cuban will be signed in Havana in ocassion of the IX International Congress Universidad 2014, assured today here Aliya Kayratovna, deputy ministry of that body in Kazakhstan.





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