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Supreme Court affirms life sentence decision for Chelakh

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Photo: ©kaznews.ruPhoto: ©newskaz.ruThe supervising board on criminal cases of the Kazakhstan Supreme Court affirmed the regional court’s decision about life sentence for Vladislav Chelakh, reports, citing agency.

“District court verdict, the decision of the Board of Appeals, Cassation Board’s decision related to Chelakh shall be upheld. All Supreme Court judges have carefully studied the case and all the arguments submitted in written form. They gave a correct legal evaluation” -  said Akyltai Kasymov, the chairman of supervisory board.

On May 30, 2012 the patrol from the border checkpoint Sary Bokter reported that the checkpoint Arkankergen, where normally 15 border guards were on duty in summer time, had burned down. Fourteen border guards and a ranger were found dead at Arkankergen. The fifteenth border guard Vladislav Chelakh was found alive.

In December the same year Chelakh was found guilty of killing 15 fellow-soldiers and was sentenced to life term in prison. Both the board of appeal and the board of cassation at the Kazakh Military Court upheld the district court sentence.

February 4 2014, 16:12

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