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Growing gas reinjection may result in gas shortages by 2024: Oil and Gas Minister

February 4 2014, 11:02

Gas shortages in Kazakhstan by 2024 expects Oil and Gas Minister U. Karabalin.Gas shortages in Kazakhstan by 2024 forecasts Oil and Gas Minister U. Karabalin.Growing reinjection of gas may result in gas shortages in Kazakhstan by 2024, reports, citing the country’s Oil and Gas Minister Uzakbai Karabalin as saying at a government sitting today, tengrinews reported.

“Kazakhstan has seen substantial growth of gas reinjection (…) it may lead to gas shortages by 2024”, he said, adding that 90% of all the gas produced in Kazakhstan is associated gas. 30% of all the associated gas is re-injected to maintain the reservoir pressure.

According to the Minister, gross gas production by 2030 will reach 54.1 billion cubic meters, 25% up against 2013.


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