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Seollal - Korean Lunar New Year

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By Tamara Soukhomlinova

On January 31 the representatives of the Korean diaspora celebrated Seollal - Lunar New Year. Seollal for Koreans is a special occasion for family re-union. On this day the young people have to visit the senior members of the family and in token of respect to do “a sebe” ceremony (a belt-low bow).  Seniors in their turn give the young people their blessing. It is also a time to pay respect to ancestors. It is believed that a good spirit of this day lays a positive foundation for the rest of the year and, therefore, people celebrate Seollalin in a big way and with all their hearts.

In Atyrau the Korean ethno-cultural association “Tkhonyil” gave an opportunity to everybody to participate in the celebration. In the lobby of the House of Culture named after Kurmangazy the guests were treated with dishes of Korean cuisine -  steamed “pigodi”, starchy “pigodi”, snow-white flat bread “chimperi”, sweet crispy tea delicacy – “gadyuri”. Also the delicacies and souvenirs from South Korea were offered to the visitors. The fair sex among guests showed genuine interest to South Korean beauty products.

After serving food varieties, the hosts of the celebration showed a concert where amateur performers not only from “Tkhonyil”, but also from other national cultural centers participated. This bright and colourful celebration once again reminded us that Kazakhstan is rich with its multiethnic people.

February 4 2014, 10:26

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