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“Environmental Protest Movement Growing Around Baikonur”, “Kazakhstan looks for resolution of oil industry problems”, “New York declares war on white swans”, “Australia Great Barrier Reef dredge dumping plan approved”

1 614 просмотрs “Astrobiologist” sues NASA, says Mars rock a “mushroom-like fungus” - Earlier this month, scientists announced that they were mystified by the presence of a rock that suddenly appeared in front of the Opportunity rover on the surface of Mars. Twelve days earlier, Opportunity had been in the exact same spot and the rock wasn't there. “New York declares war on swans” - New York (AFP) - In Britain, wild swans may be prized for their beauty and protected by the Queen, but the US state of New York has declared war on them, branding them a violent menace. “Vodka blamed for high death rates in Russia” - The high number of early deaths in Russia is mainly due to people drinking too much alcohol, particularly vodka, research shows. The study, in The Lancet, says 25% of Russian men die before they are 55, and most of the deaths are down to alcohol. The comparable UK figure is 7%. “Kazakhstan looks for resolution of oil industry problems” - The Central Asian country of Kazakhstan has great hydrocarbon reserves, but its oil industry experiences difficult times and seeks ways to resolve the situation. “BISOL Group installs 2MW PV system in Kazakhstan” - Ground-mounted solar power plant is the largest photovoltaic system in the country, according to BISOL Group. The new solar power plant is located in the city of Kapchagay in the Almaty Province. The Kapchagay power plant will help cover the increasing energy demands in the Almaty Province. The location is optimal for harvesting solar energy, given the fact that the South-East region of Kazakhstan experiences on average 300 days of sunlight per year. “Environmental Protest Movement Growing Around Baikonur” - Kazakhstan has resolved one problem concerning the Baikonur Cosmodrome, but a fresh challenge for authorities is looming. A compromise between Astana and Moscow should allow for a resumption of normal space cooperation, but public opposition to Russian rocket launches is mounting due to environmental concerns. “Australia Great Barrier Reef dredge dumping plan approved” - Australian authorities have approved a project to dump dredged sediment in the Great Barrier Reef marine park as part of a project to create one of the world's biggest coal ports.

January 31 2014, 11:11

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