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“Neo-Nazi to come to power in Ukraine?”, “Syria peace talks in Geneva make 'positive' step forward”, “Russia EU Entry Favored by Czech President Zeman”, “Hungary for deepening ties with Kazakhstan, says Martonyi”

860 просмотрs “Syria peace talks in Geneva make 'positive' step forward” - Syrian negotiators discussed the establishment of a transitional government body for the first time Wednesday, an opposition delegate said, describing it as a ''positive step forward,'' a day after talks were cut short over a US decision to resume aid to the opposition. “Russia EU Entry Favored by Czech President Zeman” - Russian membership in the European Union within 30 years would benefit both sides by combining the trading bloc’s diversified economy with its eastern neighbor’s energy resources, Czech President Milos Zeman said. Space Farmers Harvest Wheat, Peas and Greens”- A variety of crops have been successfully harvested on board the International Space Station and verified as safe to eat, a Russian scientist said Wednesday. “Neo-Nazi to come to power in Ukraine?” - Vitaly Klitschko has little legitimate chance to participate in the 2015 presidential race in Ukraine, nevertheless it does exist if the EU starts to put pressure on the authorities, independent political analyst Sergei Mikheyev told Pravda.Ru. The expert believes that another opposition candidate from the neo-Nazi party "Svoboda" Oleg Tyagnibok is a more realistic candidate. “Hungary for deepening ties with Kazakhstan, says Martonyi” - Both Hungary and Kazakhstan are interested in deepening bilateral relations, Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi told a seminar on cooperation between Kazakhstan and the European Union in Budapest on Tuesday. “Azerbaijan to host Central Asia and Caspian Oil & Gas Security Forum in April” - The forum will take place on the 8th-9th April in Baku, and will be a unique senior level meeting to discuss security concerns affecting the oil and gas industry in the Central Asia region and the oil rich Caspian Sea.

January 30 2014, 14:00

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