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4 killed after two boats collided on the Ural River

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On the night of 21 October, 4 people, including a river police officer, drowned in the result of a night incident on the Ural: two boats collided near the fish farms of Kurmangazy and Kyzyl Balyk.

According to the Emergency Department, at around two o'clock, a light boat flopped over after being hit by a heavier vessel in full darkness. All four passengers  drowned.

Among the passengers was Mukhtar NURGAZIYEV, 43, Police Sergeant, Fish Resources Protection Department.  

The other three (aged 36, 27 and 23) had nothing to do with river police, although the officials claimed the trip a raid, due to the boat being on service.

It is unknown who was on the vessel: it disappeared right after the collision. Apparently, they were poachers and the case bears criminal character.

Investigation is in process. No comments being given at the moment.

So far, only one body was found - Azamat NURGAZIYEV, 27.


October 22 2012, 17:05

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