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Parliament to vote on scrapping anti-protest law

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Kiyv, the City Municipality.Kiyv, the City Municipality.The Ukrainian Parliament will now be reportedly holding a special Parliament session over the controversial anti-protest law after President Viktor Yanukovych agreed to the scrap the legislation, reports. 

A meeting was held between Yanukovych and the opposition leaders on Monday in which the President agreed to scrap the legislation on conditions that protesters stop storming barricades and attacking government buildings, as per BBC news report. 

However, the protesters are yet to agree to conditions and continue to protest on the streets, as per report. 

But whether the Parliament members will vote in favour of scrapping the anti-protest law still remains to be seen.

The law came into effect on January 16 and deadly clashes between the opposition and government forces have since resulted in loss of several lives. 

In the wake of ongoing clashes, EU diplomat Catherine Ashton is expected to visit Ukraine and meet with the government and opposition leaders.

January 28 2014, 11:45

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