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“Kazakhstan’s banks: the wild east for consumer loans”, “Russian Teen Busted in US with Homemade Bomb”, “Kazakhstan increases uranium production in 2013”, “Kazakhstan is latest Central Asian state to sign defense accord with Israel”

1 201 просмотрs “Kazakhstan’s banks: the wild east for consumer loans” - Something strange is happening in Kazakhstan. Over 12 per cent of consumer loans are non-performing and yet the banks are dishing out more consumer credit than ever. “Russian Teen Busted in US with Homemade Bomb -A Russian engineering student was detained in Pennsylvania after police found a bomb in his house, which he allegedly intended to use to “blow things up.” “Kazakhstan increases uranium production in 2013” - Uranium production in Kazakhstan amounted to 22,500 tons in 2013, which corresponds to the planned targets, Kazakh national company Kazatomprom said on Thursday. Kazakhstan produced 20,900 tons of uranium in 2012. “Kazakhstan is latest Central Asian state to sign defense accord with Israel” - Israel has signed a defense cooperation agreement with a key state in Central Asia. Kazakh Defense Minister Adilbek Dzhaksbekov and Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon sign an agreement promoting defense trade and cooperation on Jan. 20. Officials said the agreement stipulated a framework for defense exports and military cooperation between the two Asian states. "Kazakh mathematician may have solved $1 million puzzle”- Mathematics is a universal language. Even so, a Kazakh mathematician's claim to have solved a problem worth a million dollars is proving hard to evaluate – in part because it is not written in English. “Kazakhstan regions prove growing headache for govt”- Kazakhstan's regions are the source of the country's mineral wealth, but still lag far behind its two main cities, Almaty and Astana, in living standards, which has become a major source of resentment. Motivated by both political and economic considerations, the government has embarked on new efforts to develop regional economies and attract investment outside the natural resources sector. 

January 28 2014, 15:26

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